Newsletter, Friday October 24th

Help Now for Victory: Volunteers, Poll Watchers and Poll Greeters during Early Voting

The TCDP Needs Poll Watchers and Poll Greeters During Early Voting
October 20th – October 31st

These are extremely important roles to fill. Please call Liz or Josh at the County Party HQ (817) 335-VOTE (3683) to volunteer and get a short training session scheduled. The TCDP needs your help for Early Voting NOW.

Click Here for Pollwatcher Reference Materials

If you want to volunteer for election day on November 4th, please email

Information on these Critical Roles for Victory follows below:

Get Involved in Victory: Take Off on November 4th for Democracy

Make Plans Now!
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Party Needs You!
First: Early Vote
We need volunteers willing to be Poll Watchers,
Poll Greeters, Drivers, Canvassers and Phone Bankers.
Everything comes down to 12 short hours on this day.

12 hours that will have a direct and potentially harmful effect on the next four years of your life.  Please consider taking off Election Day and volunteering for the full day if you have not already done so.

If you would like to volunteer as a Poll Watcher, Poll Greeter, or Driver, email Liz at

If you would like volunteer as a canvasser or phone banker, please email Claudia at and let her know how you will help protect the future of our country.

    Learn About These Critical Roles for Victory:

  • Pollworker / Election Worker / Clerk – Election Workers work at the polls on election day and during early voting to ensure voters are able to exercise their rights in an honest and well-organized manner. Tarrant County needs approximately 2,500 Election Workers for each general election.
  • Poll Watcher – Candidates, political parties, and nonpartisan groups can appoint poll watchers to observe any part of the process, including: polling places, transportation of ballots, ballot counting, and the early voting ballot board. Read More…
  • Poll Greeter – Remind and persuade voters coming to vote to vote straight party Democratic! (You must stay 100 feet away from the polling location)
  • Canvassers
  • Phone Bankers – Join us in defending our voting rights at Party Headquarters
  • Drivers – We always need volunteers to get people to the polls who cannot drive themselves.

Texas CDA/Texas YDA Trip To The Battlegrounds

The Texas College Democrats and Obama for America are funding free trips for students to swing states for Election Day Weekend!

One bus is going to leave from HOUSTON and go to FLORIDA, and another is going to leave from DALLAS and go to COLORADO. All travel and housing will be free of charge! Here are the details:

WHAT: Travel for Change to Florida and Colorado!

WHEN: Buses leave Thursday night, 10/30, at 7:00 PM from Houston or Dallas. Buses return on Wednesday evening, 11/5. You will be in a swing state for the 5 most important days of the campaign.

WHEN: A bus from Houston will travel to Florida. A bus from Dallas will travel to Denver. Details for where to meet the bus TBA.

WHO: Any college student or recent alum. We have 110 spots to fill!

COST: FREE! Includes transportation and housing.

Get on the bus! And recruit friends to get on the bus too!

Send confirmed names for the bus (along with email, phone number, and what college the student attends) to ASAP as you get them, and you can update us as more people sign on to get on the bus.

Bus space will be guaranteed for the first 110 people who RSVP.

P.S. Please email any questions about the trip to

Campaign This Weekend! Wendy Davis Campaign

It’s 11 days out to election day, we need to contact thousands of voters.

We’re starting at 10 am tomorrow.

2nd Shift At 1-3pm

Take your pick or go for both!

805 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Please call 817.806.4440 to let us know you’re coming. You may ask for Brian, or tell them your calling to volunteer for this Saturday. 817.845.0734 – cell

Campaign This Weekend! Dan Barrett Campaign

There are 12 days left before the final vote is cast to decide who will represent District 97 in the Texas State House.  We are no longer entering into the final push…..WE ARE IN IT!!! We had great success last weekend, thousands of doorhangers were placed on our supporters doors thankign them for their support and telling them where they could vote.  

This weekend kicks off our SUPER DUPER EARLY VOTING EXTRAVAGANZA! (OK…. it’s a bit of a stretch but there are a lot of volunteers opportunities out there and we have to make sure we stand out!) It will be a full weekend of dedicated voters and volunteers making a difference for our community. Record numbers of voters turned out in the first three days and this weekend will be no exception.  Let’s make sure they are OUR voters!

These final 2 weeks are a crucial time for our campaign and it is important that we connect with ALL voters and supporters before Election Day.  We have identified our supporters, now we need to make sure they get out and vote. 

We need people to:

  • Put out doorhangers for our supporters
  • Phonebank supporters to make sure they vote

We are working at a fast pace from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm every day at the headquarters.  If you have any free time (even if it is and hour) during the week or this Saturday and Sunday please stop by!!

Where:  Campaign Headquarters
6453 Southwest Blvd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76132

Sign up online or call the campaign at 817-732-1470

Chris Turner for State Representative Campaign

Live in Arlington? Don’t forget about Chris Turner for HD-96 (817) 561-4900

Officer Nominations Update

Last night’s meeting resulted in the following nominations. As everyone seems to be heavily involved in campaigns, we moved to postpone the elections until the December meeting, and November’s will be reserved for further nominations, speeches, and other campaigning and schmoozing.

Next Meeting, November 18th, 7PM @ Tommy’s Hamburgers

Nominations were as follows:


Lee Henderson nominated Brian Bucy
Ryan Ray nominated Laurie Anne Hughes

VP, 1st, Membership and Communications

Ryan Ray nominated Lee Henderson

VP, 2nd, Finance

Lee Henderson nominated Ryan Ray

VP, 3rd, Community Service

Lee Henderson nominated Kathy Murray


Lee Henderson nominated Christine Tham


Ryan Ray nominated somebody, but Lee didn’t write it down.

Remember, Social Director and Webmaster are appointed positions, but it pays to campaign at the meeting for these positions too!

/// And Apparently David Floyd nominated himself for the bliss of unemployment.

/// And Jessica Anacker didn’t tell anyone what she was interested in !

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 18th, 7PM

Tommy’s Hamburgers
5228 Camp Bowie Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76107